Internationalization of state-owned banks
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Internationalization of state-owned banks

Internationalization of state-owned banks: a case study of Banco do Brasil , Bank of China and Westlb

Jorge Ferreira dos Santos Filho

Orientador(a): Frederico Araujo Turolla

This Master’s Dissertation studies the process of internationalization of Banco do Brasil, Bank of China and WestLB as commercial SOBs considering proposition that state-owned banks have specific intangible assets that benefits their process of internationalization.The theoretical framework is based on the classical theories regarding internationalization of enterprises and their applications to the internationalization of banks, specific literature related to state ownership, institutional approach and intangible assets. Through a multiple-case study of the above-mentioned companies, this project explores the unique characteristics and the idiosyncrasies present in the internationalization of large state-owned banks. The result of emprirical research support the main proposition of this study that state-owned banks banks have specific intangible assets that influence in their process of internationalization as well as the empirical evidence that these intangibles are related to specific ownership advantages deriving from state ownership highly correlated to specific knowledge company’s reputation and country’s reputation.

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